• OE-A press release : Gewinner der OE-A Competition und des LOPEC Start-up Forums auf der LOPEC 2019 bekannt gegeben
  • OE-A press release : OE-A Competition and LOPEC Start-up Forum winners announced at LOPEC 2019
  • OE-A Competition and LOPEC Start-up Forum winners announced at LOPEC 2019
  • Extract from LOPEC 2019 Award page this link may not work after a while, I copied here some sections for the records
  • LOPEC Award Show

    LOPEC Award

    During the LOPEC Dinner 2019 on Wednesday, March 20, exhibitors and conference participants came together to enjoy culinary delights. It was the perfect place to meet and exchange ideas and information. One of the highlights of this evening was the LOPEC Award Show of the OE-A Competition 2019 and the Start-up Forum 2019.

    OE-A Competition 2019

    The annual OE-A Competition encourages young engineers and scientists as well as companies and designers to develop a vision of future applications incorporating organic and printed electronics as well as to present exciting new products.

    The awards will be conferred on the best ideas, prototypes and products in the field of printed electronics. A top-class jury of experts from the industry decided on the Awards, the trade show audience voted on the Public Choice Award. Prizes were awarded in the following four categories:

    Congratulations to all those Award winners!

  • Photo gallery from the LOPEC website

  • Lopec award

    Lopec Pycsel demo

    The PYCSEL project

  • CEA: Identifying fingerprints by a PYCSEL sensor
  • Bioage: Progetti di Ricerca
  • PYCSEL poster

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