EAB 2019 talk and demo

Extract of the conference report:
Finally, Jean-Francois Mainguet (CEA) and Marina Pouet (IDEMIA) presented the project PYCSEL, which is aimed at building a new flexible active thermal fingerprint sensor. The sensor must have high resolution (500 dpi) and a large surface (76mm x 81 mm), allowing 4-finger acquisition. The sensor must also work on rigid glass substrates, and on flexible laminated glass with a thickness of 15ìm. During the presentation, the speakers showed the difficulties found in the prototype construction regarding factors such as image quality analysis, image defects and their removal (e.g. to avoid the creation of false minutiae), or noise from the electronic board. As future work, the project will evaluate the performance of the sensor in terms of verification accuracy, using traditional optical sensors as baseline.

JF Mainguet introduction at EAB 2019 PYCSEL Demo

The PYCSEL project

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